Does Virgin Mobile Work With Sprint? Quick Answer

Does Virgin Mobile Work With Sprint? Yes, Virgin Mobile works with Sprint.

Can I reactivate my old Virgin Mobile phone? Yes, you can reactivate an old Virgin Mobile phone. To do so, please call our customer care team on 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone or 1800 789 from any other phone and they will be more than happy to help.

Can I use a Sprint phone on any other network? You can use a Sprint phone on other networks, but it will not work with Sprint services.

Can a Sprint phone work on Verizon? Yes, a Sprint phone can work on Verizon. However, the phone may not work with all of Verizon’s features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did T Mobile Buy Virgin Mobile?

There is no clear answer, as it depends on the definition of ‘buy’. T Mobile did acquire a portion of Virgin Mobile’s spectrum licenses in 2009, but it is unclear if this counts as a full buy-out.

Can I Still Use My Virgin Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can still use your Virgin Mobile phone. However, service may be discontinued without notice.

Who Took Over Virgin Mobile Phones?

Virgin Mobile phones were originally taken over by BT in 1999. However, the company was later sold to Virgin Media in 2007.

Does Virgin Mobile Use Sprint?

Virgin Mobile USA is a Sprint company.

What Networks Will A Sprint Phone Work On?

A Sprint phone will work on the Sprint network, as well as networks of partner companies.

What Did Virgin Mobile Switch To?

Virgin Mobile switched to a prepaid model in 2013.

What Company Took Over Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile was acquired by Sprint in 2017.

Is Virgin Mobile Discontinued?

It is not clear if Virgin Mobile has been discontinued, but the company’s website is no longer operational.

Is Boost Mobile The Same As Virgin Mobile?

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are both prepaid wireless providers in the United States. They both offer a wide range of phones and plans, including unlimited talk and text. However, there are some differences. Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint, while Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint’s rival, Verizon. Virgin Mobile also offers ‘data only’ plans for users who only want to use their phone’s data connection and not make calls or send texts.

What Carriers Are Compatible With Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile is a prepaid carrier that uses the Sprint network. It is compatible with any device that is Sprint-compatible.

Who Uses Sprint Towers?

The Sprint towers are used by Sprint customers.

Who Bought Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile was bought by NTT DoCoMo in 2006.

Virgin Mobile USA claims to work with Sprint’s network, and some users have had success in using Sprint phones on Virgin Mobile. However, because Virgin Mobile USA is a prepaid carrier, users may experience reduced coverage and slower data speeds than what is available on Sprint’s network.

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